The eclectic Barcelona designer disembarks at a key point between Estepona and Marbella, with the redesign of the old gym of the Healthouse Las Dunas*****GL hotel, owned by the businessman Félix Revuelta, turning it into the current FELIX restaurant.

Security and unclassifiable design

When you look around the FELIX, blue dominates the surroundings, it makes you feel the sea, which is just in front of the hotel. Turquoises, intense blues, greens, whites, flowers, the burst of colour is the restaurant’s trademark, Estrella Salietti, Estudio of course.”

Original prints, fun, discordant and daring notes which are boundary-pushing, such as monkey lamps, unique objects halfway between sculpture, art and functionality. To create such a mix, Estrella Salietti used noble materials coloured in a personalized way by the designer. If you visit the restaurant you can step on natural oak, gaze at high quality woods, natural marble finishes with silver leaves to give colour to a more intense blue in a complex manual process, gold-plated lattices etc.

Materials hand-crafted by artisans from a prestigious workshop such as the Arena workshop, exclusively for a location that aims to be a landmark on the Costa del Sol with its fusion of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine in an amazing environment of luxury and historical recovery of the ambience of the old Bistró Félix.

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